Hello! Welcome to Lazy Art Teacher. 

I’m currently a full time Art teacher in the UK, and a mum to one under one. As you can imagine time is shorter than ever right now.

Profile PicLazy Art Teacher is my brainchild that started during my training year. I struggled to find exactly what I needed to showcase the many teacher standards required in a lesson (especially when being observed regularly). So I started to think “I cannot be the only one” and thus set about building my resources with a desire to share.

To begin with during the later part of training and my NQT year, I shared my resources with friends and colleagues; it’s taken years of “I love that, “can I steal that?” to kick start Lazy Art Teacher. 

What Makes My Resources Different?

Having a learning need, means it is more important to play to my strengths and support my weaknesses. A very skilled teacher once said to me (paraphrasing here), it is your home, referring to my classroom, if it doesn’t work for you, it will not work for your students.

I not only adapted my classroom to work better for myself and others with a similar need but also my resources. Differentiation is such a big part of our classroom needs, but also one of the simplest of things we are often blind sided to. 

For example, some schools (it’s important for you to know I am not saying all) have an expectation that you use a universal font across all forms of communication and resources.

Often this font is ‘professional’ in its appearance, however what if we used a font that was ‘friendlier’? This straight away often makes it easier for students and teachers alike with Spld to feel more comfortable reading. It offers a fairer way of accessing written language.

Comic sans (the font being used for this website) for example and Arial rounded have been shown to be easier for dyslexics to read, however often have the ‘business world’ deemed these fonts as childish. 

Throughout my resources you will see I have made them specifically with Spld in mind, as opposed to Spld being a second thought. I have used what works for myself and tools I know work for the students I teach to create these.

Things like colours can be specific to each person, however staying away from the contrast of black on white appeals to a larger majority of Spld students. 

Larger amounts of writing has also been broken down into smaller more manageable sections, using shade to show each new section. This is for a variety of reasons; firstly it appears less daunting, secondly the clear sections provide a sense of small accomplishments, when completed.

It also provides a small amount of help keeping track of where the reader is. Finally it provides visual gaps for where a student can stop and process the information.

Lazy Art Teacher is here to make your life easier! You’ll find schemes of work, general resources, one off lessons, and much more to assist you. Hopefully freeing up your time too. 

Relax and Enjoy.

The Lazy Art Teacher x 

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